Yung Simmie – Basement Musik 2


1.Yung Simmie – WoodGrain Grippin Intro [Prod. By DJ Smokey] (3:03)

02.Yung Simmie – So Cool [Prod. By Bv Beats] (2:05)

03.Yung Simmie – Strap In My Lap [Prod. By Yung Simmie] (4:08)

04.Yung Simmie – All I Do Is Smoke [Prod. By PurrpDogg] (2:45)

05.Yung Simmie – Sloppy Top [Prod. By Yung Simmie] (3:55)

06.Yung Simmie – Neva Settle For Less [Prod. By Yung Simmie] (2:50)

07.Yung Simmie – 7 Gram Blunt [Prod. By PurrpDogg] (2:21)

08.Yung Simmie – 9 To Ya Dome [Prod. By DJ Smokey] (2:44)

09.Yung Simmie – Splak Part 2 [Prod. By PurrpDogg] (4:06)

10.Yung Simmie – Slaughter Shit [Prod. By Yung Simmie] (2:17)

11.Yung Simmie – Rock Like Elvis [Prod. By Ronny J] (4:08)

12.Yung Simmie – Don’t Step On My Shoes [Prod. By PurrpDogg] (3:34)

13.Yung Simmie – With Me [Prod. By Trill Will] (3:44)

14.Yung Simmie – I Thought You Knew [Prod. By Yung Simmie] (4:09)

15.Yung Simmie – Lean With The Sprite 2 [Prod. By DJ Smokey] (2:42)

16. Yung Simmie – This For You Outro [Prod. By Yung Simmie] (4:33)


DOWNLOAD : http://www.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/24678/yung-simmie-basement-musik-2.html



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