Little Pain – When Thugz Cry

1.Little Pain – Suicide Watch [Prod. By Spvce] (2:15)

02.Little Pain – SMH [Prod. By Suicideyear] (3:03)

03.Little Pain – Reggie Interlude [Prod. By $ludgehammer & Nasty Dave] (1:49)

04.Little Pain – High Cry [Prod. By Suicideyear] (3:07)

05.Little Pain – Mr. Friend Zone / S.I.M.P. [Prod. By Bastiengoat & Nasty Dave] (5:20)

06.Little Pain – Broke Boyz Freestyle [Prod. By Melo Flamez] (2:09)

07.Little Pain – Got No Money (Feat. Maya Vik) [Prod. By We Are The Stars] (2:56)

08.Little Pain – Love Tears (Feat. Jelz Much) [Prod. By P. On The Boards & John Lass] (4:39)

09.Little Pain – Weepers [Prod. By Suicideyear] (3:22)

10.Little Pain – Big Pain Tribute [Prod. By Suicideyear] (3:57)

11.Little Pain – Dark Clouds (Feat. Squadda B) [Prod. By Ade & Nite] (5:07)

12.Little Pain – Cried Outro (Feat. Prada Mane) [Prod. By Karman] (2:14)


DOWNLOAD : http://indy.livemixtapes.com/mixtapes/25393/little-pain-when-thugz-cry.html

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